Welcome to Minesoft Orangebook

Minesoft Orangebook offers a powerful, user-friendly interface for searching the FDA’s authoritative approved drug database - a vital resource for competitive intelligence in the pharmaceuticals industry.

  • About Minesoft

    With inquisitiveness, diligence, and deep expertise at our core, we are a global collective united by our passion for discovery. Harnessing the power of modern technology, our patent intelligence platform empowers today’s pioneers to make their own discoveries at speed and with accuracy, enabling them to focus on developing world-enhancing innovations.

  • Complex patent searching, made simple with AI

    Minesoft Origin is a cutting edge patent search platform powered by artificial intelligence. Using state of the art techniques in Natural Language Processing (NLP), Minesoft Origin offers the most advanced AI patent search features available, powerful analytics, and collaborative tools to connect innovators to insights.

  • Intelligent Patent Solutions

    In May 2003, Minesoft and RWS Group launched its core product PatBase - the searchable patent database designed by experts in the complex art of search and retrieval of patent information. PatBase allows users to search over 65 million patent families from over 100 authorities (60 full text), all in a single database.